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1. Yoga Mat

Everyone needs a yoga mat. The type of mat you use will depend on the type of class you are attending. Make sure your yoga mat is long enough to lie on comfortably. Our studio has vinyl flooring, you’ll want a mat that prevents you from sliding around during your heated classes. When shopping for a mat, consider the mat’s grip, thickness and durability. We sell BYoga mats at the Studio and are happy to help get you set up. 

2. Large Towel and or Small Hand Towel

For Heated classes…If you have a rubber yoga mat, you’ll want a large towel to lie over your mat. The large towel will help catch any sweat from getting on the studio floor. A small hand towel is a good idea. Sometime you just gotta wipe some sweat off of your head.

3. Water

We recommend bringing at least a 32oz water bottle!! We have a reverse osmosis water system at the studio for refills.

4. Yoga Clothing

Yoga clothing or active wear is whatever is comfortable for you. For ladies, this generally means shorts, capris or leggings with a comfortable top. For guys, this generally means any type of shorts with a liner. Shirts and tank tops are optional for guys in a heated class. No Shoes are worn and save the socks for the end of class.

5. Change of Clean, Dry Clothes

If you are doing Hot yoga or not…you still might sweat!!! Bring a set of clean, dry clothes to change into after class. 

6.  A Positive Attitude

Always be prepared to have a great class, but don’t get discouraged if you feel your body or mind is struggling through. Remember this is a practice…not perfection!